Day 4 – I Am An Info Pro With The Need To Know

by charlene on 2012
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And the first question I get when I say that is: “What’s an Info Pro?”

I am, at heart, a lover of knowledge. A seeker of information. A receptacle for all things documented.

Yes, I’m the person at the party that spews random trivia. That inserts obscure references to support a point – but, hey! they also encourage additional conversation!

As a kid I loved the library. I dreamed of living in a house that didn’t have pictures on the walls, but instead had floor to ceiling bookshelves that were filled with every imaginable text.

My family moved quite a bit – about every 18 to 24 months – because of Dad’s job. The movers really didn’t like hauling the boxes of books out of my bedroom…and back into a bedroom at the next house. When my husband and I moved the first time he had a hissy fit over the boxes of books that I insisted would be moved to the next apartment. Okay, his hissy fit wasn’t about the books, per se. More about the weight of the boxes because I tended to think if “one box, fill it up” worked for clothing it worked for books, too.


Yes…I could live here!

I love the smell of the paper, the feel of a well worn binder, the experience of reading quality typeset on linen, oh my.

And then we get into the organization/indexing of content.

I can walk into a library and swoon when I see rows upon rows of organized content. Combine that with the different colored bindings ranging from leather to linen, from fabric to paper.

Wow – I haven’t even gotten to the knowledge part and I’m looking forward to my next trip to the library!

It’s not JUST the experience, it’s the reading and knowing that I love, too. It’s finding a piece of information in a magazine, say a table of statistics, then finding a page or two of text in a book and putting the two together so the information makes sense. It’s scouring the internet for a database that has aggregated content from many sources about a topic, then making the connection between that content and a business situation in a company (loss of sales, increased sales, no applications for a position, sudden drop in telephone calls, etc.).

So, what ends up happening is that I get a head full of interesting facts and tend to share them during a conversation, when it seems appropriate. The problem comes in when others don’t see the appropriateness. *sigh* My social skills are for another post.

I should have been a Librarian. Had I known that it was a viable career opportunity, with specialized training and education, I would have studied it in college. Instead, I was led to study business and marketing. And once I was done with that, in my mid-30′s I went back to school and got a AA in Electronic Engineering and a BS in Automation/Robotics.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s that I saw my ability to research and discern information as a skill that could be turned in to a business.

83_johnny5 My husband’s nickname for me is Johnny 5. You know, the robot from the fun movie of the ’80s Short Circuit. When I read the back of a cereal box, read every paragraph of a newspaper or magazine, point out bits of information gleaned from a random advertising piece, he always responds or remarks with “Ah, you’re in input mode!”

Yeah, that’s me.

What about you?

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