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Me In 10 Seconds

I’ve been a retail sales pro, inside sales phenom, event planner, robotic engineer, entrepreneur, pool player, writer, and trainer.

I’m a slow thinker, bibliophile, and a philomath.

I’m a USA native, have attended 4 grade schools, 4 high schools, 4 colleges.

Me In 10 Minutes

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My Business

Search by Burke – since 2008, this has been my ‘home base’ for offering content, copy, and more. Blog posts that date from 2010 because I haven’t pulled all the posts from 2006 – 2009 into it yet.

Email Skills – co founder of this knowledge center for learning skills related to Email.

email copywriting secrets book

Email Copywriting Secrets – In this book, a compilation of the first 53 newsletters sent to my loyal paid subscribers, you’ll discover the most effective principles of email copywriting. You will see exactly…

      • How to get inside the mind of your reader

      • How to craft the perfect subject line

      • How to create compelling body copy that gets readers to take action

      • How to personalize your emails

      • How frameworks and themes are so much better than templates

      • How to write a cold email that actually gets a response

    and more!