I take time to process. When presented with a thought or question, my immediate response is often a simple, “I don’t know.” or “I’ll get back to you on that.” Then I’ll return with a perspective that’s been carefully considered.

Debate isn’t my forte. Quick-fire exchanges don’t suit me. I prefer to ponder and respond with consideration, even if it takes days. This approach frustrates some, but I do this because I think the fast answer isn’t the wisest.

Before any interview, I request the questions ahead of time. Not to script my authenticity, but to ensure my responses are thoughtful and substantive. And if someone tries to hit me with a “gotcha!” question…I’ll walk away or completely avoid answering. It’s about quality, not speed.

First reactions? While many think the first reaction is the most honest, I disagree. They’re rarely the full story. The first reaction is outdated…it’s either a response you came up with long ago and use now instead of thinking, or it’s an emotional response based on something in your past. Deliberation allows for a response that’s current and considered, not a reflex from the past. It’s fine to take a beat, to think, then speak. People who are good fit for my inner circle appreciate the value in a more measured reply.

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